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  1. Which region is called the roof of the world ?
    A. Arctic Region
    B. Mount Everest
    C. Siberia
    D. Tibet

  1. Which is called the Emerald Island ?
    A. Sicily
    B. Gibraltar
    C. Britain
    D. Ireland

  1. Which country has a highly developed dairy industry ?
    A. Netherlands
    B. Denmark
    C. France
    D. Germany

  1. Which of the following used to be considered a buffer state ?
    A. Switzerland
    B. France
    C. West Germany
    D. Belgium

  1. Which country is called the Great Britain of the East ?
    A. Japan
    B. India
    C. Korea
    D. Russia

  1. What is referred to as the Sorrow of China ?
    A. Nei Mongol
    B. Huang he river
    C. Tibetan region
    D. Taklamakan Desert

  1. In which of the following regions is “Tea” grown ?
    A. Kirghizia
    B. Kazakhstan
    C. Turkmenistan
    D. Georgia

  1. The Lake Baikal is situated in the region of __.
    A. Eastern Russia to the north of Mongolia
    B. North Eastern part of Russia
    C. West Siberia
    D. European Russia

  1. The Sakhalin region is known for its _.
    A. Fertile Land
    B. Gold mining
    C. Oil Drilling
    D. Industrialization

  1. Chicago is situated on the bank of __.
    A. Lake Ontario
    B. Lake Superior
    C. Lake Michigan
    D. Great Slave Lake

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  1. The Yellowstone National Park is situated in __ .
    A. Panama
    B. Canada
    C. Mexico
    D. US

  1. Disco Island of Greenland has deposits of __.
    A. Silver
    B. Coal
    C. Iron ore
    D. Cryolite

  1. Name the product in which Canada is a world leader ?
    A. Beef
    B. Dairy Product
    C. Paper
    D. Wool and furs

  1. Sierra Navada Mountains are situated in _.
    A. Alaska
    B. Texas
    C. California
    D. Manitoba

  1. The Alfalfa is a _.
    A. Food grain
    B. Fodder crop
    C. Fiber crop
    D. Beverage

  1. Gobi Desert is situated in __.
    A. China
    B. Pakistan
    C. Arabia
    D. South Africa

  1. The Burans are the _.
    A. Cold local winds in Mediterranean region
    B. Local Hot winds in California
    C. Local cold winds of Siberia
    D. Hot local winds of western Australia

  1. Which among the following is leading commercial crop of the tropical monsoon regions ?
    A. Tea
    B. Rice
    C. Wheat
    D. Root crops

  1. Tropical Cyclones are known as hurricanes in _.
    A. Philippines
    B. Australia
    C. Bay of Bengal
    D. West Indies

  1. To which racial group do the Pygmies belong ?
    A. Negro
    B. Australoid
    C. Negrito
    D. Bantoo

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  1. The general climate of the equatorial regions is __.
    A. Hot and humid
    B. Warm and Humid
    C. Hot and Dry
    D. Highly seasonal

  1. Bushmen tribes are found in _.
    A. Atacama desert
    B. Patagonian desert
    C. Gobi desert
    D. Kalahari desert

  1. Which country has the highest percentage of its geographical area under forests ?
    A. India
    B. China
    C. Indonesia
    D. Japan

  1. The wide treeless grassy plains in South America are called __.
    A. Pampas
    B. Selvas
    C. Prairies
    D. Steppas

  1. The Strait which separates Asia from North America are called _.
    A. Strait of Gibraltar
    B. Strait of Malacca
    C. Palk Strait
    D. Bering strait

  1. The coldest place on the earth is __.
    A. Chicago
    B. Siachin
    C. Vostok station, Antarctica
    D. Verkhoyansk

  1. Africa’s highest mountain peak Mt. Kilimanjaro lies in __.
    A. Zambia
    B. Tanzania
    C. Malawi
    D. Kenya

  1. Mount Fujiyama, the highest point in Japan is in __.
    A. Kyushu
    B. Hokkaido
    C. Shikoku
    D. Honshu

  1. Strait of Hormuz lies between _ and .
    A. Black Sea and Marmara Sea
    B. Persian Sea and Gulf of Oman
    C. Arabian Sea and Red Sea
    D. Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea

  1. What is the name of the strait where Adams Bridge is situated ?
    A. Cook strait
    B. Taiwan strait
    C. Palk strait
    D. Bering strait

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  1. Which of the following volcanoes is called the light House of the Mediterranean ?
    A. Etna
    B. Vesuvius
    C. Kilimanjaro
    D. Stromboli

  1. The Great Barrier Reef is located on the coast of _.
    A. Central Australia
    B. West Australia
    C. East Australia
    D. South Australia

  1. Which of the following is the highest mountain peak of the U.S.A ?
    A. Kilauea
    B. Albert
    C. Mauna Lao
    D. Mc Kinley

  1. The Kiel canal connects and __.
    A. Caribbean sea and Pacific Ocean
    B. Bering sea and Chukchi sea
    C. Red sea and Mediterranean sea
    D. Baltic sea and North sea

  1. Gaza strip lies along the coast of __.
    A. Dead sea
    B. Red sea
    C. Persian sea
    D. Mediterranean sea

  1. In which sea the river ‘Don’ flows in ?
    A. Baltic sea
    B. Sea of Azov
    C. Black sea
    D. Caspian sea

  1. Alexandria is a port city of which of the following countries ?
    A. Turkey
    B. Italy
    C. Egypt
    D. Greece

  1. Which of the Following two Gulfs are connected by Hormuz Strait ?
    A. Persian Gulf–Gulf of Oman
    B. Persian Gulf–Gulf of Aden
    C. Gulf of Aden–Gulf of Oman
    D. Persian Gulf–Gulf of Aquaba

  1. Which of the following countries is occupied entirely by migrant population ?
    A. Indonesia
    B. Srilanka
    C. Australia
    D. Malaysia

  1. Ebony and Mahogany trees are associated with _.
    A. Coniferous forests
    B. Deciduous forests
    C. Tropical Monsoon forests
    D. Tropical Evergreen forests

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  1. The continental shelf is marked by an isobath line of __.
    A. 100 metres
    B. 300 metres
    C. 200 metres
    D. 350 metres

  1. Which one of the following cities of the USA is not located along the shores of the Great Lakes ?
    A. Detroit
    B. Chicago
    C. Pittsburg
    D. Duluth

  1. Which types of soil is found in the coniferous forests ?
    A. Podsol
    B. Regur
    C. Chernozem
    D. Chestnut

  1. Which one of the following countries does not border the Caspian Sea ?
    A. Iran
    B. Iraq
    C. Azerbaijan
    D. Kazakhstan

  1. The Demographic transition model was propounded by __.
    A. J. Clarke
    B. G. T. Trewartha
    C. F. W. Notestien
    D. J.J. Spengler

  1. Who among the Following is famous as father of Modern Political Geography ?
    A. G. Taylor
    B. R. Hartshorne
    C. F. Ratzel
    D. H. Mackinder

  1. The Sargasso sea is a part of the _.
    A. South Atlantic Ocean
    B. North Atlantic Ocean
    C. Indian Ocean
    D. Arctic Ocean

  1. Which one of the following is not related to production of precipitation ?
    A. Diabatic process
    B. Adiabatic Process
    C. Ascent of Air
    D. Convergence of air

  1. Which one of the following is located in south Africa ?
    A. Pampas
    B. Veld
    C. Downs
    D. Steppes

  1. Which of the following countries meets its largest electricity supply from Atomic energy ?
    A. Japan
    B. France
    C. Slovenia
    D. Sweden

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The deepest trenches of the world is______.

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The deepest trenches of the ocean are found in______.

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The international Acid Rain information centre has been set up in _______.

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The most urbanized country of the world is_________.

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Which river of Africa crosses the Tropic of Capricorn twice ?

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The driest area of the Earth is________.

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The Black Mountains are located in_________.

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The clouds of the highest altitude are______.

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The inter section point of the Prime Meridian and the Equator lies in ______.

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Which one of the following islands of the East Indies is divided into three countries ?

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