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Get latest 50 questions with correct answers for history quiz online and also find small quiz on Ancient History. Every questions has 4 options & 1 answer.

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Following sets of questions for history quiz are based on ancient history.

We have divided all 50 questions into set of 10 questions with answers according to groups.

Question number 1 to 10, This questions are mostly based on Mohenjodaro & Harappan culture.

  1. The local name of “Mohenjodaro” is Mound of __
    [A] Living
    [B] Survivor
    [C] Great
    [D] Dead

  1. “Harappa” is located on the bank of river ?
    [A] Indus
    [B] Beas
    [C] Ravi
    [D] Sutlej

  1. Which metal was unknown to “Indus Valley Civilization” ?
    [A] Gold
    [B] Silver

  1. A statue of bearded man was found at_____
    [A] Harappa
    [B] Mohenjodaro
    [C] Chanhudaro
    [D] Dholavira

  1. The nature of “Indus Valley Civilization” was
    [A] Urban
    [B] Rural
    [C] Agriculture
    [D] None of these

  1. Indus valley belongs to
    [A] Pre-historical
    [B] Historical
    [C] post historical
    [D] Proto-historical

  1. Which of the following animals was unknown in Indus valley civilization ?
    [A] Lion
    [B] Elephant
    [C] Horse
    [D] Bull

  1. Indus Valley Civilization was discovered by
    [A] Dayaram sahni
    [B] R.D. Banerji
    [C] Wheeler
    [D] Cunningham

  1. The people of Indus Valley Civilization usually built their houses of
    [A] Pucca bricks
    [B] Wood
    [C] Stone
    [D] None of these

  1. Which of the following cannot be considered Proto-harappan culture ?
    [A] Sothi culture
    [B] Jornie culture
    [C] Amri culture
    [D] Kot-Diji culture

Question number 11 to 20, This history questions are made on Vedic culture such as Rigveda & Atharvaveda

  1. Who was the founder of Vedic culture ?
    [A] Arya
    [B] Ethnic Group
    [C] Dravid
    [D] Harappan

  1. Who is the most important God in Rigaveda ?
    [A] Agni
    [B] Indra
    [C] Varun
    [D] Vishnu

  1. The river chenab was known during the Vedic period by the name______?
    [A] Askini
    [B] Parushni
    [C] Shutudri
    [D] Vitasta

  1. Which of the following Brahmana texts belongs to Atharvaveda ?
    [A] Shatpatha
    [B] Aitereya
    [C] Gopatha
    [D] Panchavinsh

  1. Which one of the Following vedic gods depicts an association with the sun ?
    [A] Ashvin
    [B] Indra
    [C] Pushan
    [D] Brihaspati

  1. Which of the following is concerned with origin of Indian medicine ?
    [A] Rigveda
    [B] Samveda
    [C] Yajurveda
    [D] Atharveda

  1. The word Gotra occurs for the first time in:
    [A] Rigveda
    [B] Samveda
    [C] Yajurveda
    [D] Atharveda

  1. The game of the Dice was part of the ritual of :
    [A] Agnistoma
    [B] Aswamegha
    [C] Rajasuya
    [D] Vajapeya

  1. The Gayatri Mantra is dedicated to :
    [A] Indra
    [B] Aditi
    [C] Gayatri
    [D] Savitri

  1. Who among the following was a Brahmavadini that composed some hymns of the Vedas ?
    [A] Lopamudra
    [B] Gargi
    [C] Leelavati
    [D] Savitri

Question number 21 to 30, This questions are about chandragupta Maurya, Arthashashtra & Ashoka’s Empire.

  1. The Mauryan administrative centre samapa can be identified with_____ .
    [A] Girnar
    [B] Dhauli
    [C] Bramhagiri
    [D] Jaugada

  1. Who identified tha name sandrocottus as Chandragupta Maurya ?
    [A] Megasthenes
    [B] Justin
    [C] V.A. smith
    [D] William jones

  1. Who was the Author of Arthashastra ?
    [A] Vasudeva
    [B] Megasthenes
    [C] Kautilya
    [D] Vishakhadutta

  1. Who was the Mentor of Chandragupta Maurya ?
    [A] Vishakhadutta
    [B] Chanakya
    [C] Megasthenes
    [D] Patanjali
    Answer: Option A ( Vishakhadutta)
  1. Who was the founder of Maurya dynasty ?
    [A] Chandragupta II
    [B] Chandragupta Maurya
    [C] Vishnugupta
    [D] Ashoka

  1. Which of the following Ashoka inscriptions is in Kharosthi script ?
    [A] Lumbini
    [B] Girnar
    [C] Khalsi
    [D] Shahvajgarhi

  1. Sarnath Stambh was built by
    [A] Harshwardhan
    [B] Ashoka
    [C] Bindusar
    [D] Kanishka

  1. Which of the following was an administrative centre of the southern province of Ashoka’s empire ?
    [A] Isila
    [B] Samapa
    [C] Satiyaputra
    [D] Keralputra

  1. The gujarra minor rock edict, on which the name of Ashoka is mentioned, is located in__________?
    [A] Uttar pradesh
    [B] Madhya Pradesh
    [C] Rajsthan
    [D] Bihar

  1. Who were the beneficiaries of Ashoka’s donations in the reasons of Barabar hill ?
    [A] Buddhists
    [B] Ajivikas
    [C] Svetambar
    [D] Digambar

Question number 31 to 40, Below questions with answers for history quiz are based on Pataliputra, Mahishmati & more..

  1. The temple of Angkorwat in Cambodia was dedicated to_____?
    [A] Buddha
    [B] Tara
    [C] Shiva
    [D] Vishnu

  1. How many of the Sixteen Mahajanapadas were situated in the Ganga valley ?
    [A] 8
    [B] 9
    [C] 10
    [D] 11

  1. By which ruler Pataliputra was chosen for the first time as a capital ?
    [A] Bimbisara
    [B] Ajatsatru
    [C] Udayin
    [D] Sisunaga

  1. In which Indian state, Inamgam is located ?
    [A] Maharashra
    [B] Gujrat
    [C] Madhya pradesh
    [D] Andra pradesh

  1. In which Mahajanapada was situated the city of Mahishmati ?
    [A] Asmaka
    [B] Avanti
    [C] Matsya
    [D] Vasta

  1. Tha sangam text Tokappiyam is a work on_________?
    [A] Astronomy
    [B] Grammer
    [C] Music
    [D] Medicine

  1. Which among the following dynasties is not mentioned in the sangam literature ?
    [A] Chola
    [B] Chera
    [C] Pandya
    [D] Pallava

  1. Who among the following had introduced Vaishnavism in kamrupa ?
    [A] Chaitanya
    [B] Purandra dasa
    [C] Ramanuja
    [D] Shakaradeva

  1. Which one of the following sites is famous for prehistoric paintings ?
    [A] Bagh
    [B] Ajanta
    [C] Bhimbetka
    [D] Amravati

  1. Which one of the following Janapadas was republican state in sixth century BC ?
    [A] Kosala
    [B] Anga
    [C] Mayadha
    [D] Vajji

Question number 41 to 50, Following History questions are mostly related to Vasco da gama & more.

  1. Which one of the following was the first English ship that came to India ?
    [A] Elizabeth
    [B] Titanic
    [C] Red Dragon
    [D] Mayflower

  1. Who were the First European to set up sea trade centres in India ?
    [A] The Portuguese
    [B] The French
    [C] The English
    [D] The Dutch

  1. Vasco da Gama discovered the sea route to India in which one of the following years ?
    [A] 1425
    [B] 1492
    [C] 1494
    [D] 1498

  1. Which one of the First Fort Constructed by the British in India ?
    [A] Fort St. Angelo
    [B] Fort St. George
    [C] Fort St. David
    [D] Fort William

  1. Where in India , did the portuguese built their first fortress ?
    [A] Cochin
    [B] Goa
    [C] Anjichiv
    [D] Cannanore

  1. Which European power did assist Balaji Baji Rao against the Angres ?
    [A] The Portuguese
    [B] The Dutch
    [C] The English
    [D] The French

  1. The British East India Company was formed during the reign of
    [A] Henry VIII
    [B] James I
    [C] Charles I
    [D] Elizabeth I

  1. How many times did Vasco da Gama came to India ?
    [A] One Only
    [B] Two time
    [C] Three times
    [D] Four Times

  1. Who Founded Independent state of Bengal ?
    [A] Ilias
    [B] Hussain Shah
    [C] Murshid Quli Khan
    [D] Alivardi Khan

  1. Who among the following introduced Cashewnut, Pineapple and Tabacco in India ?
    [A] Dutch
    [B] English
    [C] French
    [D] Portuguese

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Who presided over the Fourth Buddhist Council in the Kashmir ?

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Name the clan Buddha belonged to ______ .

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Buddha was born at __________.

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The fourth buddhist council was convened during the region of the king_______.

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Who among the following was not a contemporary of the other three ?

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Buddha attained Mahaparinirvana in the republic of ______.

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Where was the third Buddhist council held ?

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Which one of the following is not a part of early Jains Literature ?

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The concept of Anuvrata was advocated by _______.

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In the Mahayana Buddhism, the Bodhisatya Avalokitesver was also known as__________.

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