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  1. How many match formats in international cricket?
    A. 4
    B. 2
    C. 1
    D. 3
  1. Which one is not cricket match format ?
    A. Wrestle Mania
    B. One Day International
    C. T20
    D. Test
  1. Which Cricketer is known as Little Master?
    A. Sachin Tendulkar
    B. Sunil Gavaskar
    C. Kapil Dev
    D. Suresh Raina
  1. Who is the First Batsman to score a double century in ODI?
    A. Sachin Tendulkar
    B. Virendra Sehwag
    C. Rohit Sharma
    D. Ricky Pointing
  1. Who is known as Haryana Hurricane ?
    A. Kapil Dev
    B. Virendra Sehwag
    C. Sourabh Ganguly
    D. Rahul Dravid
  1. Who is No 1 Batmans in ICC ODI batting ranking?
    A. Rohit Sharma
    B. Babar Azam
    C. Virat Kohli
    D. Ross Taylor
  1. Which name is given to batman A. B Devellier?
    A. Mr. 360
    B. Mr Perfect
    C. All rounder King
    D. Master Blaster
    Ans;- A
  1. Who is No.1 Bowler in ICC ODI Bowling Ranking ?
    A. Jasprit Bumrah
    B. Trent Boult
    C. Mujeeb Ur Rahman
    D. Pat Cummins
  1. Who hit the Highest Six in the World ?
    A. Chris Gyle
    B. Hardik Pandya
    C. Shahid Afridi
    D. M.S Dhoni
  1. Who is No 1 Batsman in ICC Test Cricket Ranking?
    A. Sachin Tendulkar
    B. Virat Kohli
    C. Steve Smith
    D. Rahul Dravid

Questions from 11 to 20 are on Cricket world cup for quiz

This questions are based on Cricket world cup, bowler and bowling style Players and their native team. This questions not only increases your knowledge but also you will get most answers for sport questions asked in competitive exams

  1. What is meant by Left Arm Unorthodox Spin bowling?
    A. Slow Left Arm Wrist-spin Bowling
    B. Slow Left Arm Orthodox Spin bowling.
    C. Slow Off spin bowling.
    D. Slow Leg Spin Bowling.
  1. Kuldeep Yadav is __________________?
    A. Chinaman Bowler
    B. Off spin Bowler
    C. Fast Bowler
    D. Medium Fast Bowler
  1. Fast Bowler “Kasigo Rabada” belongs to ______________?
    A. West Indies
    B. Zimbambe
    C. South Africa
    D. Australia
  1. Batsman Kane Williamson Belong to _________?
    A. Australia
    B. South Africa
    C. New Zealand
    D. Ireland
  1. Which team won cricket world cup 2019 ?
    A. India
    B. New Zealand
    C. Australia
    D. England
  1. Who is the best All rounder in cricket 2018?
    A. Ben Stokes
    B. Jason Holder
    C. Ravindra Jadeja
    D. Jimmy Neesham
  1. Which team won Cricket World Cup 2011 ?
    A. Australia
    B. India
    C. England
    D. West Indies
  1. A final match of Cricket World cup 2011 was played between team_______vs_______ ?
    A. India Vs Pakistan
    B. India Vs Sri lanka
    C. India Vs West Indies
    D. India Vs Australia
  1. Which is Runner Up team of Cricket World cup 2015 ?
    A. India
    B. New Zealand
    C. Australia
    D. England
  1. Cricketer Rashid Khan belongs to which team ?
    A. Pakistan
    B. India
    C. Afghanistan
    D. kazakistan

Below Questions are equally importance as above created on Players statistics , Players and their bios & team , they belong to.

  1. All rounder “Shakib Al Hasan” belong to which team ?
    A. Bangladesh
    B. India
    C. Pakistan
    D. Afghanistan
  1. Who became First Cricketer to score 100 Centuries ?
    A. Virat Kohli
    B. Ricky Pointing
    C. Steve Smith
    D. Sachin Tendulkar
  1. Cricketor “Muttiah Muralitharan” leads the table with ________?
    A. 10000 Runs
    B. 800 Wickets
    C. 495 Catches
    D. 265 Stumpings
  1. Cricket Brett lee is____?
    A. Tallest batsman
    B. Fast Bowler
    C. Spinner
    D. All rounder
  1. Which batsman hit 6 sixes in Over?
    A. Chris Gyle
    B. Yuvraj Singh
    C. M.S Dhoni
    D. Andre Russell
  1. Cricketer “Mohammad Nabi” is _______ ?
    A. Fast Bowler
    B. Medium fast Bowler
    C. Wicket Keeper
    D. All Rounder
  1. Cricketer M. S Dhoni Belongs to which city of India ?
    A. Ranchi
    B. Jaipur
    C. Delhi
    D. Chennai
  1. Which Cricketer did job of Ticket collector in Indian railways ?
    A. K L Rahul
    B. M. S Dhoni
    C. Sachin Tendulkar
    D. Ravindra Jadeja
  1. Bowler “Pat cummins” belongs to team_______?
    A. Australia
    B. South Africa
    C. West Indies
    D. Ireland
  1. Best Fast Bowler ” Trent Boult” belong to team________?
    A. Australia
    B. Ireland
    C. New Zealand
    D. South Africa

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Basic Cricket Quiz

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ICC Cricket Ranking 2019 for Best All rounder tittle given to

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Cricketer "Kevin Pietersen" belongs to team__________?

3 / 10

Which team won the world cup 2019 title ?

4 / 10

Who is known as Mr IPL ?

5 / 10

IPL stands for____________?

6 / 10

Which Team won IPL tittle in 2012 ?

7 / 10

How many finals has "M. S. Dhoni" played in IPL ?

8 / 10

When was the first cricket world cup held ?

9 / 10

Which Cricketer is known as Little Master?

10 / 10

Where is the head quarter of ICC ?

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