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Hey guys, Let us know how well you good in remembering Bollywood movies and their cast. we are gonna challenge you in basic Bollywood quiz that Can you score more than 70% in Bollywood Quiz?.

Let’s try our quiz on Bollywood industry, Bollywood actor or actress and its history. Make sure you read our below information about Bollywood because it’s gonna be difficult quiz.

Below shared information are most relevant to our Bollywood quiz questions with answers. We shared little bit knowledge for warm up before seeing questions for Bollywood Quiz.

Short Summary about Bollywood quiz

In this interesting quiz, you have to face total 10 questions related to Bollywood history moments and some Bollywood actors and actress’s life. We assured you that these upcoming 10 questions will give you amazing experience and also good knowledge.

So, what you have to do?. Click on Start button below and get started. You will see one question with four options there. You have to select any one option and click on next button for next Bollywood quiz question.

For each correct question, you will get 10 percentage. That’s why we want from you to give maximum correct answers so that you will get good score. Your 3 wrong answer will fail you in our challenge.

If you want to see previous question during quiz. You can click on button “prev”. It will get you back to the earlier solved questions. At the 10th question, if you click on button “Next” then it will submit your quiz and proceed for results.

At the End, you will get results based on your earlier entries. Results includes your Bollywood quiz scores in percentage. Also you will get your result summary which shows correct answers and incorrect answers out of 10 questions.

Correct answer will be shown in green colored symbols”right” and incorrect answers will be in red symbols” wrong”. Let’s hope for good scores .

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Bollywood quiz

Bollywood Quiz

Quiz based on most famous historical moments related to Bollywood and Some popular Actors

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Another Name of famous actor DILIP KUMAR?

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Which was first movie of Actor Akshay kumar as lead actor?

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Which was first sound movie of india?

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Name the first movie of Bollywood?

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Which was first movie of actor Shahrukh khan?

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In which year, Actor Amitabh made his acting debut?

7 / 10

When first filmfare award were held?

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Which is the first Cinecolor feature film of Bollywood?

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which was the first Indian movie nominated for Oscar Award?

10 / 10

Who win Filmfare Award for best actor in  2020?

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The average score is 44%


Which types of questions included in Bollywood quiz?

Basically, All questions are related to Bollywood and its history. But thing is only that some questions ask you about “mention the name of first movie”and “when actor made his debut in Bollywood”. Very few questions ask for years and particular date in which first award ceremony started.

But these question are not so difficult if someone have good knowledge. Also one or two questions from this quiz were asked in Reality show “KBC”. Among these 10 questions, you will noticed that some questions are in general knowledge books also.

Don’t care about which types of questions there. Just read below shared information about Bollywood and start the Bollywood quiz.

Information which may help you to score good in above quiz.

Find the information below about Bollywood industry which may help you to get answers of few questions.

How big is Bollywood industry

Bollywood is often known as Hindi Cinema. This industry has almost average film production of 300+ film per year and gross box office collection of $2.31 billions in 2016.

Bollywood industry is one of largest center known for film productions in world. According to 2001 tickets sales, this industry has reported sales of 3.6 billions tickets worldwide.

First movie in bollywood history

In Bollywood history, Movie “Raja Harishchandra” is the first movie in bollywood history made at year 1913. It was also known as Dadasaheb phalke‘s silent movie.

First sound movie in India

Movie”Alam Ara” in year 1931 was India’s first sound film. It is directed by Ardeshir Irani which was commercial successful sound film. Music for this movie given by Ferozshah M. Mistri B. Irani.

Famous Actors and their debuts

There are many star actor in Bollywood industries like Dilip kumar, Rajesh Khanna, Kishore Kumar, Amitabh bachchan, Akshay kumar, Salman khan and many actors. These all actors were known from their Superhit film and their acting skills.

Current Senior actor “Dilip kumar” honored by “Padma Bhushan “in year 1991. He debuted as actor in film Jwar bhata in year 1944 . Now he is 97 year old.

Well known Actor “Amitabh Bachchan” started his Bollywood journey with Movie”Saat Hindustani”.After that he was very popular from movie like Zanjeer, Namak Haraam and more popular movies.

Richest actor of Bollywood “Mr Shahrukh khan” made his debut in Bollywood industry with first movie “Deewana”. And after that he is known as popular romantic king still now.

How to get good score in Bollywood Quiz?

You can get 100% score in Bollywood Quiz by watching more movies and actor’s biographies. It is depend on how you are dedicated in Quiz competitions.

So, let’s set your goal to read at least one biography per day/week and watch movies as possible. It’s not only increase your knowledge but also you can learn much more from their struggling life.

Keep learning new things and try more quizzes in various categories like Sport quiz, Health care Quiz, gk quiz and more Bollywood quizzes.