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GK Quiz: Try General knowledge Quiz and Get your GK quiz score

Try GK Quiz Challenge and test your general knowledge,get your GK quiz score. Let’s see how much you score in GK quiz. There are total 10 general knowledge quiz Questions and one question stands for 10 percentage in Gk quiz.

Most of people might searching for gk quiz but very few get genuine quiz stuff. You are one of them who get genuine quiz. Here we provide quizzes on various topics,so that you will get a chance of exploring yourself. Gk quiz not only improve your IQ level, but also getting basic gk knowledge about every sector.

Which types of questions are there in gk quiz?

We will not guaranteed that all questions in quiz are important. These questions only covers basic knowledge about world,your country,state and your culture.

In these General knowledge quiz, your score will shows that how much you expert in basic knowledge over a world. Question includes in this quiz are related with history,Inventions,culture,geography,technical and so on.

Created on By Saksham Talalwar

GK Quiz

Test your knowledge by solving GK quiz. there are total 10 questions included in Gk quiz .Results will shows you "how you strong in General knowledge quiz or how many question solved correctly in this GK quiz.

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Telephone was invented by?

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Prime Minister"Narendra Modi" belong to which state?

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Which is the Longest river in World ?

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Which is first satellite of India?

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Nagpur city is famous for ___ fruit?

6 / 10

What is Capital of Italy?

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Image type "PNG" stands for?

8 / 10

Who is CEO of Amazon company?

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Which is the tallest statue in the world2019?

10 / 10

Gondia city belong to which state?

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The average score is 69%


Advantages of quizzes

Now a day, Gk quiz is also include in most of the competitive exams.Also it will develop your skill level. Most of schools started general Knowledge quiz competition annually for post of student of year. Also there are Inter-school level competition, which allow students to prove themselves as Gk expert. So start today with online quiz practice to target your goal.

General knowledge ability of people shows that they are clever and strong in knowledge gaining. Some of people are not good in sport,personality. But they are very strong in knowledge of culture, sport, politics and in many streams. Among these people, very few people try their knowledge in General knowledge quiz.

Opportunities for gk quiz lover

Also there are most of Tv channel shows are based on Quizzes like “KBC” and other international shows. Such a shows is good opportunities for those who are expert in General knowledge quiz. These people can convert their knowledge into wealth.

It is now includes in most of Civil servants post recruitment exams. As it demonstrate that a person qualified for such post is best in educational qualifications. Also good in General awareness and knowledge.

Gk quiz will increase your interest in reading knowledge based articles. Such a articles are available in great books published by well known authorities.

How to improve your general knowledge

For improving your Gk skill, you should refer books like General knowledge 2020 by Arihant, General knowledge manual by Pearson, General studies by disha. Other government exam study material such upsc exam preparations. Good gk Quiz score obtained by reading above books,watching lifestyle and news channels.

Another way to improve your general knowledge skill to learning. Daily test your knowledge through quiz challenge. We would like to add some new features in our quiz website in future.

Future updates

We are working on adding time limit on quiz so that visitors can challenge themselves as per time limit.

After adding time, visitors will find timer on top corner. When visitors click on “start”, timer automatically starts. You have to answer all gk questions within specified time. If you unable to complete your gk quiz within time limit, timer will zero and it will proceed for results. At the end,you will find results,it will be based on “how many questions you attempt and how many solved correctly or incorrectly.

Quiz categories

“QuizWind.com” not only worked on general knowledge quiz but also working on various categories of quizzes. Such as general aptitude,logical reasoning,verbal reasoning,current affair,Economics,general intelligence,English grammar, Bollywood quiz and sports quiz like cricket quiz. Also we shall work on particular government competitive exam syllabus.

Now govt exam preparation will be interesting because very soon you will find “ABC” govt exam quiz based on syllabus. So be ready,and start attempting quizzes,it will improve your daily thinking skill,IQ level and convey abilities. You can able to share knowledge confidently to others as you already know about it.

Let me know your quiz score in comment box. keep learning and keep updating yourself, because GK is interesting to know about like fun. It is like sea as it’s very wide topic.