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Test your Cricket knowledge by quiz score. Solve a quick quiz on cricket and get your score at the end. Check results “how you are good at quiz on cricket”. Are you ready?. Let’s start.

Short Summary about this quiz on cricket.

First of all, we gonna explained quick summary about this quiz on cricket. This quiz have some rules and points systems. For each correct answer, you will get 10 percentages and there are total 10 questions in every sports quiz.

In this quiz, you can skip questions. You have to answer all questions because we proceed final results on number of corrected answer out of 10 questions.

At the end, you will find your score with a list of questions solved correctly or incorrectly. If you skipped any question, It will reflect in you results list that you have not answer this question.

If you had given correct answer then it indicated by green “right sign” and for incorrect answer, it will show red “wrong sign”. So, start quiz on cricket and get your score.

Created on By Saksham Talalwar
Cricket quiz

Cricket Quiz

Quiz based on Cricket Knowledge

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Who is best ODI All rounder player in women cricket?

2 / 10

Who is the Mr. IPL?

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Which team won ICC Womens T20 finals in 2020?

4 / 10

Highest run partnership record in IPL history?

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Who took Fastest 400 wickets in Test matches?

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A team ____  scored highest innings totals of 278/3 in T20 international ?

7 / 10

Which stadium is Largest Cricket Stadium in world?

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Team ____ won the first Cricket World Cup?

9 / 10

A player who scored most runs in IPL history?

10 / 10

Which team scored highest runs in ODI ?

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What should you keep in mind while playing sports quiz?

While playing quiz , Don’t submit your answer if you are not confident But you can prev any question if you want. After completion of all questions, take a quick review on previously solved questions by click on “prev”.

If you have any doubt on any question , you can fill contact form provided in menu list and submit . We shall promise to looked at your queries or any doubt related to any quiz.

Which types of questions are covered in this quiz on cricket?

In this quiz, We have selected random questions on particular player statistics, ICC ODI ranking and records in history related to cricket. Such questions like How many runs scored, Best batsman in ranking 2020, highest runs scored and highest wicket taken record in particular format.

Author has read cricket related articles and find some amazing questions from these articles. These questions are easy for those people who are good in cricket knowledge.

Significance of quiz

Quizzes are as importance as educational stuff because whatever we studied is only tested by examinations and quizzes. Solving quizzes not only improve your sense of humor, your knowledge, and your general awareness skills but also it will make you mentally fit for any type of exams.

Some people has hobby like watching cricket. Such people can make their more interesting by participating in cricket quiz.

Opportunities for Quiz lovers

Now, Sport quiz questions are included in most of extra curriculum activities in schools, colleges, and companies. They can now improve their performance through quizzes. Do participate in quiz and improve your quiz skill.

Most of International quiz competitions organized annually, so that people can explore themselves. Also well known association like International Quizzing Association has organized “World Quizzing Championship” .

Recently, “Olav Bjortomt” is an English International Quiz player has four time world champion in quiz. So, Quiz could be good opportunities to make career for those who has good skill in quiz.

How to become Professional Quiz player ?

There were no particular definition for becoming Professional quiz player. It depends on how you are good in general knowledge, Sport knowledge, and How many times you were attempted Quiz competitions.

So, Start learning things, gaining knowledge through newspaper, sports channels, reading books and involve yourself in quizzes. We has most varieties of Quiz categories such as gk quiz, Bollywood quiz, sports quiz, Movies quiz, mathematical quizzes and Healthcare quiz. Do participate and test your skills.

Your hard work and dedications towards quiz skill can make you “Professional Quiz Player”. Start participating in small online quizzes on our website and do participate in small quiz competition organized near by you.

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Advantages of Quiz on Cricket

  1. It will develop your intellectual skills.
  2. It can also set your career now.
  3. Quiz will make you world quiz champion player.
  4. You can check your knowledge through quiz.
  5. Quiz participation can improve your performance statistics if you participate in inter school quiz competitions.
  6. Most of competitive job exams has include quizzes in their selection criteria.